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Get Rid Of Your Furniture's Outdated Paint Job

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You might love your old bookshelf, but that doesn't mean you love its baby blue paint job. If you want to restore your furniture's natural wood and get rid of the paint stuck to its surface, reach out to Heritage Furniture Restoration for furniture stripping. We have over 30 years of experience removing paint, varnish and other substances from a variety of pieces, including dressers and doors. We'll restore your furniture without a problem, no matter how many layers of paint have covered it over the years.

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3 benefits of furniture stripping

If you're still on the fence about stripping away your furniture's paint, consider these benefits:

  1. You'll reuse old furniture instead of throwing it away
  2. Stripping and restoring your furniture is cheaper than buying new furniture
  3. You can customize your furniture once the old paint is stripped away

We proudly serve residents of Acushnet, and New Bedford, MA with quality furniture stripping services. Call 508-998-7657 now to learn more about furniture stripping. An experienced furniture restoration specialist will be happy to answer your questions.